The entire school is divided into four houses, each student is allotted a house at the time of joining the school and inter house activities from the integral part of the school calendar. To inculcate a spirit of competition among students, each house is also assigned with duties on weekly basis, which cater to discipline of the school news reading and hosting of functions pertaining to religious as well as national festivals.

Each house has been assigned a colour and week on duly month for general cleanliness and other activities in the school. Inter-house competitions in debates, quiz, sports, painting and school’s beautification and discipline are held in the school.

Sr. No.House NameFlag ColourDuty Week
 1  Bhagat Singh  Magenta  1st
 2  Gandhi House  Blue  2nd
 3  Jhansi House  Red  3rd
 4  Shivaji House  Green  4th

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