Bhagat Singh House
  • Flag Colour Magenta
  • House Duty on 1st Week
  • Enlightenmentof the student's mind
  • Through knowledge, moral values
  • And self discipline
Gandhi House
  • Flag Colour Blue
  • House Duty on 2nd Week
  • Spiritual and physical growth of
  • Students through education
  • Discipline and inculcation qualities
Jhansi House
  • Flag Colour Red
  • House Duty on 3rd Week
  • Moral Courage towards sacrifice
  • For motherland, spirit of nationalism
  • Dignity & bravery in the student
Shivaji House
  • Flag Colour Green
  • House Duty on 4th Week
  • Social welfare activities
  • Eradication of social evils
  • Educational growth with modern science

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